Meryl Streep is convinced her old Connecticut property is haunted after hearing mysterious noises when she was home alone.
The Iron Lady star admits she has yet to actually see a spook - buts she's sure they're there, thanks to two unsettling encounters.
She says, "Everybody was down at the pool... and I was gathering all the stuff. We were doing some work on the house and we were living in the guest house and I was downstairs sitting at a desk and I heard what sounded like a grand piano fall... in the room above my head.
"My first thought was that it was one of the kids... I screamed upstairs and halfway up the stairs the hairs stood up... and I realised no one was home. I searched (the rooms)... and there was nothing out of place, there was nothing in the attic, there was nothing on the roof."
And she was spooked again a few years later when her sculptor husband invited some clients from Japan to stay in the guest house.
She recalls, "They had taken the 22-hour flight and had dinner and fallen asleep... They were so tired... We put them all in the house and the next morning (husband) Don went up to collect them... and there they all were in the living room, dressed, wide awake... They said, 'Spirit, spirit!'"