It was a big deal at the Tribeca Film Festival in America last spring, and also picked up accolades and acclaim from the likes of Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada and the Athens Film Festival in Greece, now Drafthouse Films has released a clip of its Philippine abduction thriller as it seeks to release the film in theaters in April.

Watch the trailer for Graceland

Starring Menggie Cobarrubias and Arnold Reyes in a low key cast, the story revolves around a kidnapping and a father on the search for his daughter. The cast is local to the Philippines which means that star names are hard to come by, but Cobarrubias is perhaps more higher profile than the others, he has a host of TV series roles to his name. The director is Ron Morales, who has much more on his CV as a film grip and electrician, but who has stepped up to the directing plate with aplomb here. Scenes seems tense and edgy, with explosive performances throughout.

According to MovieBox, Drafthouse is planning to release "Graceland" on VOD, starting March 28th, followed by a theatrical run on April 26th. We reckon that this could become something of a cult classic among those who do get to see it, though it’s hard to ascertain at this stage quite impact it’s going to have.