Melody Gardot feels like she's ''waiting for a baby to be born'' with her new album.

The 30-year-old singer/songwriter is gearing up to release her fourth studio record 'Currency of Man' and said she's eager for the collection to be available because it's as if she's in the final stages of labour.

Speaking about the release, she told BANG Showbiz: ''It's like waiting for a baby to be born, it's like, 'Get it out! Come on!' I feel like I'm on those last little labour pains in a way because we worked on this album almost a year ago, so now it's like an overdue thing. I'm happy that it's finally going to be in people's hands.''

The 'Preacherman' singer's LP will be her first since 2012's 'The Absence', and although her previous collections have been critically acclaimed, she insisted this is her favourite out of all the albums she's made.

She continued: ''It's my favourite one out of all those discs we've done so far. That's hard to say, but the reason is there's some things that we discovered in the process that I think are going to be formulaic for my later music.''

Melody also spoke about what inspired the 10-track collection, saying she hoped to create ''an anthem for every man'' by taking influence from people who are rarely spoken about in society.

She added: ''I was writing this record and I was like, there's so many beautiful people around and nobody is really paying attention, so these are songs for people that maybe in the grand view of society, people forgot, and it's nice to have an anthem for every man.''

Melody's new album 'Currency Of Man' is out on 1 June on Decca.