Melissa McCarthy would do anything to get a part in a Woody Allen comedy.

The 'Mike and Molly' star is desperate to work with the renowned director, but is currently smarting after he turned her down.

A source said: ''She wanted to work with Woody very badly. It would have been a dream come true.

''Melissa is crazy about Woody's comedy's and would do anything to get a part in one.''

However, when her representatives got in touch with the 'Annie Hall' director, she was left disappointed, and even an attempt by their mutual friend Diane Keaton to persuade him to cast her proved fruitless.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: ''The good news is that Woody said she is a marvellous actress. The bad news is he went on to say he felt she wasn't right for any of his current projects. That's really just a polite way of saying, 'no thanks'.

''Diane told Melissa, 'I'm no Woody, but I'd love to do a comedy with you. Count me in on your next one.''