Rocker Melissa Etheridge has no problems with Barnes & Noble bosses banning her new lesbian sex anthem All The Way Home from their bookstores, insisting she wouldn't want her kids listening to the lyrics.

The newlywed singer/songwriter has been a staple at bookstores across America for years and Barnes & Noble officials were thrilled to get access to her latest album This Is M.E. - but they weren't so sure about playing the entire album on a loop after checking out the lusty lyrics to one song, in which Etheridge boasts about trying to contain a fire in her loins.

She explains, "I've been banned from Barnes & Noble... They said, 'We'll play the whole album, but we won't play that song'.

"I have eight-year-old kids and I don't want to have my kids walk into Barnes & Noble, into the kids' section, and hear some lusty lady singing about her thighs... I think it's cool to be banned by Barnes & Noble."