Melissa Etheridge admits that she is 'out of her comfort zone' as a cast member in 'American Idiot' the Broadway musical.
MELISSA ETHERIDGE, the GRAMMY AWARD and OSCAR winning singer-songwriter, is set to take over from Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong as drug dealer 'St Jimmy' in 'American Idiot' the musical. Armstrong, the composer and co-author of the musical will return on 10th February 2011.
Speaking to The Canadian Press, Etheridge admits that she has enjoyed rehearsals for the show, saying, "I'm having a blast. I'm so outside of my comfort zone and I'm like living out high school fantasies". However, the musician said she initially turned the part down before having a change of heart, she said, "When they called me, at first I was like, 'Aw, no. That's really nice, but no' Then I kind of sat with it for a couple of days and thought, 'This could be supercool and super-fun". Etheridge also revealed that her 14-year-old daughter is a huge fan of GREEN DAY and was thrilled when she found out her mother would be starring in the musical, she added, "Of course, it made me instantly cool with her, which is hard to do with junior high kids".
'American Idiot' is currently running at the St James Theatre in New York. Etheridge will make her debut performance tonight (1st February 2011).