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CBS's Supergirl Series Thwarted By Pre-Premiere Leak

Melissa Benoist

So, in Supergirl news, the pilot has made its way online a little ahead of schedule. About six months, actually. The first episode of the CBS series was leaked on Friday morning, making its way to torrent portals far ahead of its scheduled premiere date.

Melissa Benoist
Glee discovery Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Zor-El

The CBS series is being billed as a superhero-story-meets-rom-com in TV show form and it tells the story of Superman, aka Kal-El’s lesser known cousin, Kara Zor-El. As her alter ego Supergirl, Kara will face crime and injustice, but her greatest nemesis could turn out to be internet piracy. The news came after the Supergirl trailer beat all expectations and reached 10 million views on youtube just days after its release.

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Picture - Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks and... New York City New York United States, Wednesday 13th May 2015

Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks and Chyler Leigh - A hosts of celebrities turned out in their numbers and were snapped as they arrived for the 2015 CBS Upfront which was held at The Tent at the Lincoln Center in New York City, New York, United States - Wednesday 13th May 2015

Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist
Melissa Benoist

Picture - Melissa Benoist - A host... Los Angeles California United States, Tuesday 7th April 2015

Melissa Benoist - A host of stars were photographed as they attended The Longest Ride Premiere which was held at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 7th April 2015

Kyle Jenner and Melissa Benoist
Kyle Jenner and Melissa Benoist

Take A Look At Melissa Benoist's 'Supergirl' Costume For Upcoming CBS Series

Melissa Benoist David Harewood Chyler Leigh SUPERGIRL CBS

The first images of Melissa Benoist as ‘SUPERGIRL’ in CBS’ upcoming series have just been released and of course all the talk is about the heroine’s new costume. The ‘Glee’ actress has dyed her hair blonde to portray the superhero, with the network already giving the series a one season commitment.

Melissa BenoistMelissa Benoist is your new 'Supergirl'

‘Supergirl’s’ all important costume was designed by Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood, who is also responsible for the look of DC characters ‘The Flash” and ‘Arrow’ on the CW. The costume keeps the character’s traditional colour combination of red, blue and gold, going for a long sleeved top with the famous ’S’ logo, a red skirt, over the knee boots and a long flowing cape.

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Picture - Melissa Benoist - 30th Film... Santa Monica California United States, Saturday 21st February 2015

Melissa Benoist - 30th Film Independent Spirit Awards - Arrivals at Tent on the beach, Independent Spirit Awards - Santa Monica, California, United States - Saturday 21st February 2015

Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner
Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner
Melissa Benoist

'Glee''s Melissa Benoist Cast As CBS' 'Supergirl'

Melissa Benoist Glee CBS SUPERGIRL

After an extended search, CBS has announced that it has cast ‘Glee’ star Melissa Benoist to head up its superhero show ‘SUPERGIRL’. She’ll play Kara Zor-El in the network’s series adaptation of the DC comic book story.

The 26 year old actress is most famous for portraying Marley Rose in the fourth and fifth seasons of Fox’s tween steamroller ‘Glee’, but she also has credentials on the more serious side of acting, with a role in the 2014 indie movie Whiplash, which was recently nominated for five Academy Awards including ‘Best Picture’.

Melissa Benoist
'Glee''s Melissa Benoist has been cast as CBS' 'Supergirl'

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Whiplash Review


It's hard to think of another film that leaves us quite so out of breath. Adapting his short film, first-time feature filmmaker Damien Chazelle grabs hold of the audience and never lets up, pounding us into submission with an exhilarating pace, blistering performances and never-flagging energy levels. It's an astonishing movie that reminds us of the visceral power of cinema in a story about the tenacity required to make it to the top.

At the centre of the storm is Andrew (Miles Teller), an aspiring drummer who is attending New York's most prestigious and cutthroat conservatory. His goal is to get into the elite jazz band led by Professor Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), whose brutal reputation is well-earned. A demanding, often cruel teacher, he belittles students with vein-popping diatribes. And he seems to have an extra well of bile just for Andrew, who is willing to put up with anything to be in his band. The question is whether Fletcher is trying to break him or push him to achieve even more. If Andrew hopes to survive, he might not be able to maintain a relationship with his new girlfriend Nicole (Melissa Benoist). But maybe it's worth the pain.

This is the blackest comedy imaginable, so harsh that our only response is to laugh bitterly at every hideous insult Fletcher heaps on his young musicians. Chazelle directs the film with such a brisk pace that it sometimes feels difficult to hang on for the ride, and even though some of the plot turns feel rather contrived, it's moving so quickly that we don't have time to worry about that. The entire film charges forward with the rhythms and energy of a powerful jazz riff, and even though it's often terrifying the ride is so much fun that we don't want it to end.

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The Longest Ride Trailer

Sophia Danko is a young student unwittingly about to enter into a world of whirlwind young love when she meets a dashing cowboy named Luke Collins at her first rodeo. Handsome, charming and impossibly daring with a passion for bull-riding, he captures Sophia's heart and the two become inseparable. As they ponder their happily ever after, they come across a severe car crash, rescuing an elderly man named Ira from the wreckage. While visiting him in hospital, Ira shows her some old letters that he wrote to the love of his life Ruth during the war and she reads them to him, learning more and more about this man's life and also that no relationship is as perfect as it seems. Sophia's connection with Luke starts to strain when he suffers a near miss at another rodeo event, and she begins to resent his disregard for his own life.

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Danny Collins - Trailer

1970s rocker Danny Collins (Al Pacino) has earned a reputation for himself as a sell-out. He hasn't written a song for years, and his family has been left behind while he embarks upon the life of a true rock star. But when his manager reveals a previously lost handwritten letter from John Lennon, instructing Collins to remember who he is and not lose himself. Wondering what could have happened if he had actually received the letter 40-years-ago, Collins embarks on a journey to rediscover his family and find out just what made him famous in the first place.

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Whiplash Trailer

Andrew Neyman is a jazz drummer whose massive ambition has landed him a place at a prestigious American music academy. It's there he is picked up by Terence Fletcher; a notorious jazz composer who may be renowned for his teaching abilities, but is also feared for his unconventionally cruel methods. He is invited into his band where he is eventually given the chance to substitute the usual drummer after memorising the entire music sheet and subsequently is made to perform in the next competition. Unfortunately for Andrew, it seems Terence's faith in him has made him eager to push Andrew to the brink of insanity as he slowly turns him into a volatile obsessive with the desire to become the greatest drummer of his time. Meanwhile his father is furious at the treatment of his son and Andrew forces himself to break up with his girlfriend in order to put more time into practice.

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Whiplash - Clip

Andrew Neyman is an aspiring young jazz drummer who is thrilled to land a place at a prestigious American music academy. However, with amazing opportunities comes a lot of serious pressure and Andrew finds himself struggling under the ruthless instruction of his pedantic band conductor Terence Fletcher. With his decades of experience, Fletcher has an ear for music Andrew couldn't hope to emulate and yet his struggles to correct his own miniscule mistakes go totally unsympathised with. He is left flustered and on the verge of tears during one particularly heated band practice, whereby Fletcher's unsuccessful attempts to correct Andrew's tempo lead to the latter being nearly struck over the head with a chair by the volatile teacher who precedes to slap him hard around the face several times. Is Andrew strong enough to survive such fierce scrutiny, or are his dreams of musicianship almost over?

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Glee Recap: 'Dynamic Duets' Brings Back The Warblers and a Hefty Amount Of Bromance

Glee Chris Colfer Melissa Benoist

Whilst people across America were digging into their roast turkeys, the people over at Fox had their own special Thanksgiving gift for the nation: a brand new episode of Glee. A don't you worry, as it in no way disappointed whatsoever.

Having stolen New Directions' National Champs trophy, ex-Warbler Blaine heads to his former school to get their deserved prize back, which brings us to the return of former 'Klaine' villain Sebastian, who as it turns out is no longer captain of the Warblers, as that honor now belongs to Hunter (Nolan Funk). Hunter pleads with Blaine to "come home" - aka rejoin the Warblers - and brings out his old blazer and despite his hardest efforts to avoid temptation Blaine can no longer take the pressure and returns to his old gang, with the track 'Dark Side' with he reunited comrades.

Blaine soon realises that the only thing keeping him at McKinley is Kurt (Chris Colfer), so he decides to transfer back to Dalton too, just when it seemed like things were going oh so smoothly. Fortunately for the New Directions team, Sam (Chord Overstreet), has already proved more than his fair share of support for most of the gang in their respective times of need, and again he was there to offer a shoulder to lean against.

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