Review of Mugged EP by Mele

Mele releases the 'Mugged' EP on Grizzly. It's certainly a joyful romp around the valley of digital music. Based on a playful experimentation of modern sounds, the 'Mugged' EP shows a certain passion for the subtle expression of modern dance music. 'Mugged' is definitely a class tune that is progressive and edgy in an innovative sense. It has certain punk attitude but is confined to the rules of dance beats with playful use of samples. 'Voulezous' has a more house element with cheeky blips and bits to keep it youthful, as 'Trappin' is a kinda of primitive Justice. There's a Sinden remix for 'Mugged' and Mensah remix for 'Trappin' too.

Mele Mugged EP

Throughout the 'Mugged' EP there is a subtlety that makes it seem quite cool; although it's not going to knock anyone off their feet that's where its charm lies, focusing on a youthful spirit that is progressive and niche. Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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