Reviewing Rescue Heroes: The Movie is a lot like eating a grilled cheese sandwich. It was satisfying, maybe even a little tasty, but two days from now I'm not going to remember it. This is not a knock on Rescue Heroes, which is based on a toy line, but a compliment. I'm still having nightmares after watching rough fare like The Princess Diaries and Roberto Benigni's misguided Pinocchio. My parents probably still haven't forgiven my brother and me for dragging them to Earnest Goes to Camp.

Rescue Heroes will be the new favorite of any eight-year-old who has ever played with an action figure. The Rescue Heroes are a group of fearless men and women -- all built like middle linebackers -- who fly around the world providing heroism and help during forest fires and earthquakes. The group faces its toughest challenge yet when a series of electrical storms threaten to come together and toast the earth.

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