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Gary Oldman Addresses Mel Gibson Row On Tv

26th June 2014

Gary Oldman used a scheduled appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to apologise for his remarks about Mel Gibson's race row, explaining he "should know better".The Dark Knight star hit headlines this week (beg23Jun14) following the...

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Gary Oldman's Playboy Apology Just Won't Cut It For Anti-defamation League

By Victoria Pavlova | 26th June 2014

Once you get involved in a Hollywood scandal, it’s not easy to pull yourself out - Gary Oldman is finding this out the hard way. After his controversial interview in Playboy, wherein he criticised Hollywood’s...

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Braveheart Stars Reunite To Mark 20th Anniversary

25th June 2014

The stars of Mel Gibson's historical epic Braveheart reunited in Edinburgh, Scotland on Tuesday (24Jun14) to mark 20 years since filming began on the movie.Actors Brian Cox, David O'Hara, Angus MACfadyen and Peter Mullan reunited...

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Gary Oldman Offers "Heartfelt, Genuine" Remorse For Mel Gibson Anti-semitism Defence

By Lauren James | 25th June 2014

Gary Oldman has issued a "heartfelt" and "genuine" apology for comments he made in an interview with Playboy magazine which recently surfaced in which he appeared to be condoning or perpetuating anti-Semitic views by defending...

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Gary Oldman Apologises For Offending Jews

25th June 2014

Gary Oldman has apologised for offending Jewish people in his Playboy interview.The 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' actor made the comments while defending the anti-Semitic behaviour of Mel Gibson during his recent interview...

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Mel Gibson To Be Feted At European Film Festival

24th June 2014

Mel Gibson will be honoured with a lifetime achievement award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic in July (14).The Braveheart star will follow in the footsteps Dame Helen Mirren, Jude...

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Mel Gibson's Arresting Officer Hits Back At Gary Oldman

24th June 2014

The police officer who arrested Mel Gibson in 2006 has blasted Gary Oldman for wading into the debate over the Braveheart star's racial slur scandal in a new interview.Gibson burst into an anti-Semitic tirade while...

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Gary Oldman: 'Mel Gibson Was Unfairly Ostracised By Race Row'

24th June 2014

Gary Oldman is convinced Mel Gibson fell victim to "political correctness" and was treated like an "outcast" in the aftermath of his infamous racial slur scandal.The Braveheart star hit the headlines in 2006 after launching...

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"I Don't Get It": Gary Oldman Shields Mel Gibson's Anti-semitism

By Lauren James | 24th June 2014

Gary Oldman has become the centre of his own controversy after dipping into the enduring furore surrounding anti-Semitic comments that fellow actor Mel Gibson made in 2006. The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy actor features in...

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Gary Oldman Defends Mel Gibson's Behaviour

24th June 2014

Gary Oldman has spoken out to defend Mel Gibson over his anti-Semitic behaviour.The 'Dark Knight Rises' actor has blasted the ''political correctness'' which has seen the 'Lethal Weapon' actor shunned from the movie world over...

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Daniel Radcliffe & 4 More Celebrities Who Battled Alcoholism

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th June 2014

Fame, fortune, talent and beauty are amongst the qualities those in the public eye enjoy. Unfortunately, they come with a heavy price of media attention, pressure and fan obsession. Whilst many celebrities are able to...

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William H. Macy Joins Blood Father

16th June 2014

William H. Macy has joined 'Blood Father'.The 64-year-old actor, who is known for his role in the US series 'Shameless', has taken to his Twitter account to announce that he will be starring opposite Mel...

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Mel Gibson: 'Meticulous Planning Helped Braveheart Battle Scenes Become Classics'

16th June 2014

Mel Gibson has revealed the secret to staging his much-admired battle scenes in Braveheart to mark the build-up to the 20th anniversary of the 1995 historical classic.The actor directed the film, in which he portrayed...

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Guess Who? Shailene Woodley And Five Other Celebrities In Disguise

By Stephanie Chase | 13th June 2014

This week A Fault in Our Star actress Shailene Woodley disguised herself in a long curly wig so she could enjoy her new movie at a regular cinema incognito. It may seem like a very...

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Will Justin Bieber's Racist Joke Damage His Career?

By Sophie Miskiw | 2nd June 2014

There’s a lot of words we’d use to describe Justin Bieber, but “racist” wasn’t one of them. That was, until a video emerged of the pop star over the weekend, in which he tells a...

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Cast Of "Expendables 3" Tanks At Cannes. Literally.

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th May 2014

Tanks at Cannes – if anyone could pull it off, it had to be Sly Stallone and company. Stallone and Expendables 3 costars made their arrival, riding along the Croisette in the French city in...

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Mel Gibson's Battery Charge Wiped From His Record

16th May 2014

Mel Gibson's battery conviction for slapping his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has been wiped from his record.The Braveheart star was sentenced to 16 hours of community service and 52 weeks of counselling, in addition to three...

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Chris Hemsworth To Star In Lethal Weapon Remake

8th May 2014

Chris Hemsworth is rumoured to be in the reboot of 'Lethal Weapon'.The 'Thor' actor has reportedly been offered a starring role in an upcoming remake of the action film, which starred Mel Gibson as reckless...

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Mel Gibson Applies To Strike Battery Case From Records

5th May 2014

Actor Mel Gibson is asking a judge to erase his conviction for slapping his ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva from his record.The Lethal Weapon star pleaded no contest to a charge of battery in 2011 after admitting...

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The Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time

By Sophie Miskiw | 29th April 2014

It’s been great to see Elin Nordegren has finally been moving on since her 2010 split with golf pro Tiger Woods. Nordegren has recently been dating coal magnate Chris Cline, although we know that it’s...

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'Noah' And Five Other Movies That Sparked Religious Controversy

By Stephanie Chase | 7th April 2014

Darren Aronofsky’s Noah might have faced some religious controversy during its initial opening, but its ridden that wave right to the top of the US box office, becoming a certified sucess already. As Aronofsky surely...

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Mel Gibson's Ex Facing Bankruptcy Challenge

1st April 2014

Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is facing a challenge as she attempts to reduce her debts by declaring she is penniless after her bankruptcy trustee questioned a number of her expenses.The Russian songwriter filed for...

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Chris Pine Isn't Alone! Other Celebrities Arrested For Dui

By Sophie Miskiw | 27th March 2014

Star Trek star Chris Pine is the latest celebrity to join the long list of famous folk who have been arrested on charges of DUI. Pine, who is best known for playing James T. Kirk...

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Ricky Gervais Wants To Host Golden Globes Again

12th March 2014

Ricky Gervais wants to host the Golden Globe awards again.The 'Muppets Most Wanted' actor's stints of fronting the ceremony in 2010 2011, and 2012 saw organisers come under fire for his daring gags about stars...

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Mel Gibson's Ex Asks Judge To Reduce Debt By Over $400,000

6th March 2014

Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has reportedly filed documents in her bankruptcy case requesting to only pay five per cent of her total debt.The Russian songwriter filed for bankruptcy last month (Feb14), declaring she has...

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Mel Gibson's Ex Loses Settlement After Violating Gag Order

21st February 2014

Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has reportedly lost the settlement agreement she made following her split from the actor after violating a confidentiality agreement.Grigorieva and Gibson became embroiled in a heated custody battle in 2011...

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Mel Gibson's Ex Files For Bankruptcy

20th February 2014

Mel Gibson's former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has filed for bankruptcy.The Lethal Weapon star and the Russian songwriter were involved in a heated custody battle over their young daughter Lucia in 2011, and Grigorieva won $750,000...

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A Week In Movies: Awards Season Gathers Pace, Superhero Movie Rumours Abound, Expendables 3 Drops A Teaser

By Rich Cline | 3rd January 2014

Things always go quiet in the film industry over the holidays as everyone takes one last break before the full onslaught of awards season campaigning. Nominations for both Oscars and Baftas come in the next...

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The Things They Say: 3977689

2nd December 2013

"It would have been nice somehow but, no, it's not true." Director George Miller dismisses reports suggesting Mel Gibson is to make a cameo appearance in his upcoming Mad Max film. Gibson starred in three...

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Sarah Silverman Made Mel Gibson Cover Charity Donation For Her

25th November 2013

Actor Mel Gibson helped comedienne Sarah Silverman wriggle out of a $5,000 (£3,330) charity donation at a recent event in Los Angeles by covering the fee for her.The Jewish funnywoman reveals she was coaxed into...

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