Mel Gibson, Interview

Interview with Mel Gibson about The Beaver

Interview with Mel Gibson about The Beaver

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We speak we Mel Gibson about his new film The Beaver.

It wasn't so long ago when Walter Black lived a happy life, the CEO of a toy company and married with two sons, Walter had it all. Those days now seem so far away, through no real fault, Walter's marriage is breaking down and communication with his sons, who he once knew so well, is at an all time low.

Walter's wife Meredith decides there's nothing else she can do to make the marriage go on and tells Walter that it's time for a break and he moves out of the family home, Walter is alone and needs a modern day miracle but what he finds is a ragged old toy in the trash. Taken in by its rustic charm, Walter takes the brown puppet into his home. What made Walter start talking to the Beaver is still a mystery but through this, Walter has found a way to start communicating with people again. He may still be the shell of a man he once was but his eccentric new voice might just give him a new found lease of life.

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