Pregnant pop star Melanie Brown has ruled out a natural home birth when she welcomes her third baby - she's opting for an epidural in the hospital so she endures "as little discomfort as possible".
The former Spice Girl, who has two daughters from previous relationships, is expecting her first child with husband Stephen Belafonte this summer (11) - and she wants the birth to be completely pain-free.
She tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "It's a nice idea to do it at home or in a water birthing thing, but the reality is I've had two babies. With (eldest daughter) Phoenix, the epidural wore off, so I experienced pain, and not by choice.
"Second time, I experienced having the pain dulled. I was laughing the whole time when I delivered (youngest daughter) Angel. So having experienced both, I am opting for no pain and as little discomfort as possible."
But Brown is terrified her next arrival will be a large one - because Belafonte comes from a long line of big babies.
She adds, "I've had pretty easy pregnancies and really easy deliveries. But Stephen frightened me. He's one of seven children and he said that every single one of them was nine pounds or more. Both Angel and Phoenix were barely five pounds. So that's a little bit worrying - I'm used to babies that come early and are really small!"