Former SPICE GIRL Melanie Brown was forced to give her daughter a style makeover when she got chewing gum stuck in her hair - and the sticky situation has left the little girl looking like a "troll".
Three-year-old Angel Iris, Brown's baby with ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy, had to lose a chunk of her locks after the mishap - and her mum solved the problem by giving her Mohawk.
Brown explains, "Kids play around with gum, it's going to be a disaster. She got it stuck. Not just a little to the side, to the root of her scalp. I can't have a kid walking around with a head full of gum, so we shaved one side and that looked kind of weird, so we shaved the other side. Hence, she looks like a little baby troll."
But the singer has laughed off the accident because she thinks the tot is as cute as ever. She adds, "I kind of love it."