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Chatroom Review

There's a great idea here, but this awkward and dated film struggles to bring the cyberspace experience to life in the form of a gritty teen thriller. The result is intriguing but never as scary or emotional as it's trying to be.

William (Johnson) is a troubled rich kid in North London who strains against the success of his novelist mother (Dodds). Obsessed with suicide, he spends his hours in online chatrooms, creating one that attracts four members: equally bored rich kid Eva (Poots), shy and lonely Jim (Beard), needy Emily (Murray) and Mo (Kaluuya), who struggles with unwanted urges. But it soon becomes clear that William is a predator who's out to unsettle and derail everyone around him. Will they catch on soon enough to stop his nefarious plan?

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At The 7th Annual Nuts For Mutts Dog Show And Pet Fair To Benefit New Leash On Life

Ben Chaplin and Megan Dodds - Ben Chaplin and Megan Dodds Los Angeles, California - at the 7th annual Nuts for Mutts Dog Show and Pet Fair to benefit New Leash on Life Sunday 1st June 2008

Ben Chaplin and Megan Dodds

Ever After Review

Cute and fairly witty for a kid's movie, this updating/retelling/correction/exaggeration of the Cinderella story is actually not too bad.

Bait Review


Director Anthony Fuqua doesn't seem terribly interested in the plot of "Bait," a impotent "Enemy of the State" knock-off that reeks of a sloppy re-write designed to accommodate the comedy stylings of Jamie Foxx in the Will Smith-type role.

Fuqua's main focus is turning the picture into a resume-builder and he spends the whole two hours showing off his technique. Dripping with visual flair overkill, the chase scenes, stunts and explosions get the deluxe treatment. A 30-second sex scene is shot from about 20 angles. Even a throwaway speech Foxx gives about missing his father (it's just a line to get his ex-girlfriend in the sack) is filmed with four or five cameras -- one of them restlessly circling him as he mock-emotes -- and edited with slow-motion effects and multiple fade-ins and fade-outs.

"Lookie what I can do!" Fuqua seems to be saying, much as he did in "The Replacement Killers," Chow Yun-Fat's Hong-Kong-style American debut. "Please don't send me back to making music videos!"

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Megan Dodds

Megan Dodds Quick Links

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