Meek Mill's rap protege Louie V Gutta is refusing to co-operate with police after he was robbed at gunpoint in Atlanta, Georgia last month (Sep13).

The aspiring hip-hop star, real name Vincent Lamar Robinson, had $40,000 (£26,700)-worth of jewellery stolen during the incident, but he decided against reporting the crime to cops.

He tells the Philadelphia Daily News, "There's no reason for the police to be involved. If I heard on the streets tomorrow who did it, I wouldn't go to the police... That kind of stuff happens every day. It's unfortunate this time it was on me, but I don't want nobody locked up behind it (sic). I don't really live by that."

Officers in Atlanta have already launched an investigation into the robbery, but police spokesman Sergeant Gregory Lyon reveals that without Robinson's help, progress has stalled because they are "having a hard time reaching the victims".