The entertainment industry has apparently become a high risk business lately, as 18-year-old rapper Lil’ Snoop, who just got signed to Meek Mill’s label Dream Chasers last year, has been killed. Lil Snoop was shot and killed this morning (June 20), according to multiple sources, including AllHipHop and XXL. No details have been released about the location or exact time of the incident. Lil’ Snoop was at the very beginning of his career, having just released his first mixtape with Dream Chasers. You can hear some of the tracks below.

It was reportedly his mixtape that initially impressed Meek Mill into taking on Lil’ Snoop as his protégé. The budding rapper told his unlikely success story to MTV last February: "He was in a van, they was finna pull off. And I went and knocked on the van, on the window. They let the window down, grabbed the mixtape and it was like 10 minutes later, 20 minutes later they called me," he said.

"He was spittin' so much pain, he's from the south with a flow like an east coast guy," Meek told MTV.

Snoop’s mentors and colleagues mourned the rapper’s death over Twitter today. His manager tweeted: ”The call I got this morning is un real RIP 2 my Lil nigga lilsnupe.”

DJ Smallz also joined him in mourning, tweeting simply: ”R.I.P. lilsnupe”

Meek Mill
He was quick to pay his tributes

Meek Mill, BET's Rip the Runway
Meek Mill was impressed with Lil Snoop's sound.