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It's a briliant new album, with a fresh, new sound from Meat Loaf. To fully appreciate what it holds and offers you need to be prepared to put what he has done before to one side. Many of the lyrics seem at first glance simple, but there is a wealth of meaning in them if you allow Meat to connect you with them. This is everything Meat can bring as an actor who sings, not simply performing a series of complex and cleverly worded lyrics, full of metaphor and simile that hits you in the eyes .. but all the depth and meaning you expect in a Meat Loaf album is there if you listen and let the emotions connect.And if you've not been a fan of Meat Loaf before? You should try this new album, which is 21st century rock and roll delivered with passion, amazing vocals, incredible guitar from Steve Vai and Brian May, and stupendous drumming from John Micelli.It is not an album with a series of tracks .. it's an epic show, a musical, with each song building the story. To lose one track, one note would be to weaken and lose the story and meaning. To me it is simply the best thing Meat has done. Not to be compared to any other album, because this is bigger than what we'd expect from a concept album. This is simply in a new class of its own. His finest hour (and a bit) .. so far!Leave behind the words so often used to describe Meat as a performer. Operatic It's not .. no, it's the pure and unfettered rock Meat has in his vision .. It's not bombast either .. nothing of pretension here, this is raw, but never rough, honesty. Treasure all your Meat albums .. but come prepared for a new adventure and a new thrill-ride! This is not only unfettered rock . it's unfettered Meat ... and the ride is amazing .. the adventure huge Check it out on And support the Fan Campaign to get "Like A Rose" (the raunchy duet with Jack Black) to the top of the UK Singles chart in November on

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