Mean Girls 2, the long awaited sequel to the 2004 hit movie 'Mean Girls', premiered on Abc Family last night (23th January 2011) to a surprisingly warm reception from audiences and critics alike. The movie stars Meaghan Martin in the role of 'the new kid', which was originally played by LINDSEY LOHAN.
Neither Lohan, Rachel McAdams or Tina Fey reprised their roles from the original movie and the sequel introduced a new whole new set of characters. Only the school Principal Mr Duvall, played by Tim Meadows, remained from the 2004 movie. However, despite the absence of any recognisable stars, the sequel was received warmly by critics and the New York Daily News noted, "Six years is two eternities in high school years, so the audience this time wants its own stars anyway, not hand-me-downs", adding, "the fun lies in the unsubtle chess match between good and evil, or rather, kind and mean". The sequel once again followed the high-school exploits of the 'Mean Girls' or 'Plastics', this time played by MAIARA WALSH, NICOLE GALE ANDERS and Claire Holt.
The original movie, which grossed over $129 million worldwide, made Lohan into an International superstar and won numerous MTV Movie Awards.