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21 May 2012

Interview with [Me]

Interview with [Me]

Q: Since landing in the UK, you've been pretty much on tour - how have you found being so immersed in a new country so quickly, so far away from hoMe?
When we first arrived in England we recorded in Kent for 4 months with Barny - to us he is a mega-producer because he's done Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Placebo, The Music, The Temper Trap, Bombay Bicycle Club and so many other bands we love. He is great and he brought in an engineer who is basically a producer in his own right and a super guy - Ian Dowling. This full length debut album is a dream come true for us and it will be out in September. We began proper touring last November with Evanescence. We've since supported Kasabian, Death From Above 1979, Yellowcard and have done full tours with Panic! At The Disco and Twin Atlantic which we fucking loved. Soon enough, we'll do our own headline tour but before then, we're playing festivals and also going to Germany. Right now we're on tour with The Xcerts throughout May!

Q: How long had you been touring in Australia before coming over to the UK?
We've been together for about 4 years and we started playing live right away. We did a weekly residency on a Wednesday night for 10 months in a live music hotspot in Melbourne named Fitzroy. After that we started touring around Australia and got a good few laps in before getting signed and heading over to the UK. We also did launches which were pretty epic in terms of a show and turnout. We are beginning to incorporate more of these theatrical elements into our shows in the UK now, particularly our own shows and some festivals.

Q: Why do you think the world, or Britain let's say, needs a band like ME right now?
Never been asked this before - we're not offering our music as a necessity, though that doesn't give it less value. A lot of thought and care goes into what we're giving; particularly our arrangements, melodies and live shows. Now that the music is getting out I assume people are happy to receive it. We're not precious about that, people will do what they will particularly in large numbers. I think there's always a place for something that is perceived as special by the creator. The dream is to have the songs and eventually album give something to people time and time again upon each listen. So it can be relied on to give them something. If the songs do that then I guess it was needed.

Q: Do you look at coming over here as a chance to break, as was the case for your label buddies, The Killers?
We look at coming over here as a chance to be based here as we've always wanted this. We think our sound is very suited to the UK and Europe, we love being here and the people we meet. If you can imagine looking with eyes of a 4 Australians, it is an immensely interesting part of the world to be for us, seeing all these cities and the places in between. On the Twin Atlantic we went to Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Highlands of Scotland. So majestic. Response from audiences is great here and it's a buzz being played on radio around the place including Europe - however, it's silly to think that our time here will be the same as The Killers just cos we're label-mates.

Q: Your live show seems pretty destined for stadiums from the off, was that always the intention, or has that happened naturally when playing live?
We are influenced by the classic stadium bands. We love Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, for example. We had an intention of making music that is big and, because we have piano, orchestrations, and big drums & guitar parts, it does suggest this. But more than that, we want to be uplifting in a powerful way.

Q: There's a lot of theatre and drama in your shows - where's the ceiling on that - what's the goal for the live show?
We do like a show. Haven't really thought of a ceiling cos we haven't even spent money on this - in Australia we put together everything with our own hands and the help of friends and people we know. We had to do that and so we've got a lot more to explore in putting on live shows - and it helps there are phenomenal art and cultural resources over here! Lots of options.

Q: Ideal world - who would you tour with?
Tchaikovsky. Holograms are getting used more now aren't they? Would perhaps like to see those two immortalised Beatles.

Q: You're not a guitar band, let's just put that to bed now, but what are you?
You've made Damian cry, our guitarist. Instead, it's like a soundtrack to a vampire movie set in revolutionary France - with laser beams. And guitars.

Q: In what order would you kill The Beatles?
I would personally bring two of them back to life and make them all immortal. If they are not already in a way.

Q: What song best sums up ME - doesn't have to be one of yours.
John Cage's 4'33"

Josh Finesilver

Official Site - http://www.metheband.com


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