McFly's Harry Judd wants a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

The drummer is a self confessed ''clean freak'' and would be delighted if Santa left him a handheld dust sucker under the tree this year.

He said: ''I really want a handheld vacuum cleaner as I'm a clean freak.''

Harry - who is engaged to former Escala violinist Izzy Johnston - also hopes to unwrap a Kindle book reader and vegetable steamer because they will help him fulfil his New Year's resolutions.

Revealing his Amazon Wish List - which allows you to create a personalised list of all the things you'd love to own from the shopping website - Harry added: ''I'd like a Kindle, as I would like to start reading more and a vegetable steamer as steamed vegetables are healthier.''

Harry isn't the only celebrity with Christmas gifts on his mind.

His bandmate Tom Fletcher wants somebody to get him the ''new 007 Omega watch'' and Xbox 360 video game 'Halo 4'.

Paloma Faith thinks she's been a good enough girl to deserve a ''record player and sound system'' for her house, ''some books'' that will change her life and inspire her and ''new socks'' because she ''loves putting on new socks''.

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