McFly believe in romantic Valentine's Day (14.02.13) gestures.

The 'Star Girl' singers claim low-key plans like a home cooked meal are the best way to show your love on the most romantic day of the year.

Asked whether they had any plans this year, Tom Fletcher - who recently wed Giovanna Falcone - told new! magazine: ''I haven't got any plans yet, but I might make a nice dinner.''

However, fellow newlywed Harry Judd joked about his wife Izzy Johnstone: ''No, we've sealed the deal now. The contract's been signed; romance is dead.''

The cheeky chap also revealed his musician wife pulled out all the stops for their first ever Valentine's Day together, but he managed to ruin her efforts thanks to an embarrassing shaving rash.

She told new! magazine: ''It's all about the thought. I still remember my first valentine's day with Izzy - she cooked me a meal and laid out a heart on the table. I wet-shaved for the occasion, but then I broke out in loads of little spots.

''I was trying to be a traditional gentleman, but it backfired. It was the last wet-shave ever.''