Dougie Pointer plans to get married soon.

The McFly bassist believes he and girlfriend Lara Carew-Jones will be the next to walk down the aisle after his band mates Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd's recent weddings because the lovebirds share two parts of the same soul.

Quizzed as to whether they would be tying the knot, Dougie replied: ''Yeah. We're twin flames, a step up from soulmates. My girlfriend is obsessed with the idea.

''You can find a soulmate, but that's the east part. Soulmates are there to help you find your twin flame.''

Harry - who introduced Dougie to Lara after he lusted after her on Facebook - believes their love is meant to be and their connection is so strong that a wedding is imminent.

He said: ''I've known her way longer than Dougie has. He was in love with Lara before he even met her, just from seeing pictures and the way I described her. I played Cupid - and they're the perfect match.

''Their story makes me think things like that are fate, that it's meant to be.''

Dougie enjoyed both his bandmates' nuptials and joked he is planning the ''worst'' wedding ever as he won't be able to better theirs.

He joked to new! magazine: ''I've got an idea but it's not what everybody is expecting... What can I reveal without giving away too much? There will be a petting zoo, for sure. But nowhere to wash your hands...

''Basically, everyone else's wedding day has been the best day of their lives and guests had an amazing time. I can't top that, so I'll do the opposite and create the worst.''