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Movie Reviews: Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

9th August 2013

The tween-targeted Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is another one of those films that reviewers have difficulty approaching with the usual critical standards in mind. Instead, they're trying to assess the film from the viewpoint...

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Green Day Had Most Fun Making New Albums

29th August 2012

Green Day had the ''funnest time'' recording their new albums.The 'American Idiot' rockers are releasing three records between September and January 2013 - '¡Uno!', '¡Dos!', '¡Tre!' - and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong says making them...

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Heather Graham Returning To Hangover Iii

10th August 2012

Heather Graham is returning to 'Hangover III'. The 42-year-old actress is set to reprise her role as Las Vegas stripper Jade - who married Ed Helms' alter-ego Stu in the comedy franchise's debut movie in...

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Norwegian Black Metal Act Mayhem Top Extreme List

6th July 2012

Norwegian black metal band Mayhem have topped a new magazine poll to find the 15 Most Extreme Acts in rock.The veterans beat out GG Allin for the top spot in the Revolver countdown thanks to...

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The Hangover Iii To Be Shot In Las Vegas

8th June 2012

'The Hangover III' will be filmed in Las Vegas. While the second instalment in the comedy franchise - starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis - was set in Asia, the third and final...

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Hangover Iii To Film In September

23rd March 2012

'The Hangover III' will begin production in September.The third instalment in the comedy movie series - starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms - is planned for a May 2013 release, although a storyline...

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Movie Reviews 21 Jump Street

16th March 2012

It's funny. That's the two-word consensus of just about every newspaper film critic in the nation's largest markets. Each has his/her own variation of stating that, some more enthusiastically than others, but there's no denying...

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Christina Ricci's 'Hurricane' 20s

7th March 2012

Christina Ricci's 20s were like a ''hurricane''.The 32-year-old actress - who landed her first film role in 'Mermaids' aged 10 - insists life is much calmer now she has entered her third decade.She said: ''I'm...

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Sinead O'connor's Sex Songs

26th February 2012

Sinead O'Connor's new album is ''all down to the c**k''.The singer - who released her new LP 'How About I Be Me (And You Be You?) earlier this week - hopes people who are listening...

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Cher Lloyd: I Was A Bitch

22nd February 2012

Cher Lloyd was a ''real bitch'' during 'The X Factor'. The 'Swagger Jagger' hitmaker admits she was frustrated when she first came to fame on the UK reality show in 2010 because she felt like...

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Movie Reviews Drive

16th September 2011

Once again Ryan Gosling is drawing exceptional notices, this time for his performance in Drive , playing a race-car driver (referred to, as it so happens, as "Driver" -- who also moonlights as a get-away...

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Movie Reviews Transformers Dark Of The Moon

29th June 2011

Reviews for Transformers Dark of the Moon read like, well, reviews for the other Transformers movies that is, they're replete with complaints about a senseless plot, senseless mayhem, and senselessness in general. But a couple...

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Justin Bieber Hurt In New York

23rd June 2011

Justin Bieber has been hurt after a man jumped over a barrier at him in New York. The 'Baby' singer was signing autographs for fans this afternoon (23.06.11) when the man vaulted the barricade, knocking...

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Jim Carrey Had Chaos With Penguins

18th June 2011

Jim Carrey admits it was "mayhem" filming with penguins.The 49-year-old actor stars with the birds in new movie 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' and admits their unpredictability in front of the cameras was chaotic - but he...

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Shakira's Dizzee Video

23rd September 2010

Shakira scrapped a music video so she could work with Dizzee Rascal.The Columbian singer - whose new song 'Loca' features Dizzee - had originally planned to film a sexy video for the track on her...

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Kimberley Walsh's Grooming Holiday

29th August 2010

Kimberley Walsh loves the "low-maintenance" lifestyle of not being in Girls Aloud.The 28-year-old singer admits she had got bored of being groomed by a stylist before the band went on their hiatus but now feels...

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Mayhem Cancel North American Tour

15th February 2010

Norwegian heavy metal rockers MAYHEM have cancelled their North American tour - just weeks before the band's first show.Mayhem's Deconsecration Part II tour with fellow rockers Tombs, Ludicra and Krallice was scheduled to kick off...

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Rockers Cause Mayhem In Hotel

16th November 2009

Norwegian heavy metal rockers MAYHEM have been taken into custody in the Netherlands after allegedly trashing their hotel room following a concert on Sunday (15Nov09).The stars are accused of destroying their rooms at the Hotel...

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Norway Rockers Banned From Malaysia

3rd February 2006

Norwegian rockers MAYHEM have been banned from performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, following objections from members of Dewen Rakyat, the country's parliament. The black metal band was scheduled to give a 4 February (06)...

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Heavy Metallers Sorry For Fracturing Fan.s Skull With Sheep

30th March 2003

Heavy metal group MAYHEM have been forced to apologise to a Norwegian fan, who was knocked out by a flying sheep's head at a recent show. PER KRISTIAN HAGEN, 25, suffered a fractured skull...

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