Review of Our Velocity Single by Maximo Park

Maximo Park
Our Velocity
Single Review

Maximo Park Our Velocity Single

Newcastle's finest return with the same intense punk racket they're known for, but with something of a twist. The jerky guitars are replaced by big thrashy ones, and a giddy keyboard line pumps the whole mess full of electricity.

Paul Smith's lyrics veer from arch and self-referencing to heartfelt at the drop of a ubiquitous hat. You'll be hard pressed to find a better, more satirical and self-deprecating lyric than "I buy books/I never read/And then I'll tell you some more about ME!"

You hear a lot about the "difficult second album" but if the album is full of joyous romps like this then methinks it won't be a problem for Maximo Park.

Ben Davis

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