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"Introducing Bo Derek?" She got introduced two years earlier in the infamous Orca.

No matter: She acquits herself far better here, namely ecause she has nearly no lines. This is Dudley Moore's show: An absurd and hopelessly dated bit of slapstick about Moore's showbiz star facing a midlife crisis. Zoom, he's off to Mexico, where he daydreams about Derek (in those hideous braids) at length. Blake Edwards made worse films than this, but his comic timing is all wrong, exiled to long bouts of non-sequitur gags, such as Moore's run-in with dentistry.

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Niagara Review

If anyone can make a yellow rain slicker (with full hood) look good, it's Marilyn Monroe, though this waterlogged thriller comes up unfortunately short.

Set on the banks of Niagara Falls, honeymooners Polly and Ray (Jean Peters and Max Showalter) encounter the brazen Rose (Monroe) and her creepy husband George (the inimitable Joseph Cotten) in the bungalow next door. It soon becomes clear that their marriage is far from ideal, and within 20 minutes of its beginning, Rose has all but arranged for her husband's murder, in cahoots with her hunky boyfriend. Of course, George survives and gets his revenge, and then tries to make his escape with Polly in tow, who somehow seems to get in the middle of every turn of the plot.

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Racing With The Moon Review

Very Good
Coming of age, WWII style, with Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage eager to head off to war, getting into trouble along the way, and ending up not entirely sure about the whole thing. Much like any number of films in this vein, Richard Benjamin's movie flirts with disillusionment while simultaneously romanticizing a bygone era. Both come across moderately well in this endeavor, thanks to the dual talents of Penn and Cage raking the muck extensively.
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