Review of Hoochie Koochi Single by Maurice & Noble

Maurice & Noble

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Maurice & Noble - Hoochie Koochi - 12" VINYL Single Review

Maurice & Noble

Hoochie Koochi

‘Hoochie Koochi’ is a dance track that has been getting much acclaim from reputable DJ’s such as Pete Tong and Sasha, and has got to number1 in the Buzz charts as well as Capital Radios ‘Capital Club Charts’. This is no surprise to me after listening to this track. It’s got depth and takes you on a journey which for me makes a good dance tune. This is a cool, creative mix of great sounds that uplifts, inspires and hits those introspective thoughts. The basis of this single is made up of a driving bass line that really gets you moving. This is layered by

Maurice & Noble - Hoochie Koochi - 12

nice synth sounds, simple key chords, ethereal moments and what I thought was really cool was the use of an electric guitar to give the track a definite weight. It’s an epic track, 8 minutes in length, but it doesn’t seem like it. There’s loads going on and it certainly gets to your heart and soul. Class.

Tareck Ghoneim