Hit TV cop show CHiPs is set to return as a big screen movie with former FRIENDS star Matthew Perry and comic George Lopez in the lead roles, according to original star Erik Estrada.

Estrada, who played officer FRANK PONCHERELLO on the show, has revealed he has been in talks with pal Lopez about the possibility of adapting the 1980s show into a film.

Estrada claims Lopez is interested in playing his character and Perry is in talks to play Poncherello's sidekick JON BAKER - originally portrayed by LARRY WILCOX.

He says, "George expects to modernise the series, bringing in a lot more humour... It might work. It's different enough to."

If the project starts rolling it will join STARSKY + HUTCH and Miami Vice among the classic cop shows that have been given a movie makeover.

13/04/2005 21:17