Matthew Morrison doesn't want a famous girlfriend.

The 'Glee' actor - who plays teacher Will Schuester in the hit musical drama series - wants to settle down but he hates the attention his fame brings, though he is unsure if it would be fair to bring someone else into the public eye.

He said: "Having had several girlfriends I know what I don't want. Don't want someone in the business.

"Bringing someone into this life scares me. For an ordinary person to be thrust into hanging out with me and having their picture taken all the time is a big ask.

"I'm having such an incredible time in my life and I'd really love to share that with someone and have someone to talk about my day with. You never know who's round the corner."

Matthew also expressed a desire to have children, though he admitted he doesn't want a large family.

He explained to Fabulous magazine: "I can't see myself without children. Because I'm an only child, the thought of a big family scares me, but I also know what just being one feels like. Two would be good. Maybe three."