Movie star Matthew Mcconaughey kicked off his live chat with Oprah Winfrey on her US talk show yesterday (08FEB06) in a boozy fashion - by downing a shot of tequila.

The fun-loving SAHARA actor insisted on starting off the interview by sharing a glass of his favourite 1800 tequila with Winfrey.

Stunned Oprah was left speechless as McConaughey brought a waiter onstage with him to serve up his favourite tipple.

He explained, "1800 tequila is just sort of a top-shelf, blue collar tequila; it's not overly expensive and it still tastes like Mexico."

The actor raised his glass and toasted Winfrey by saying, "To health and good living," adding, "I like the taste of tequila," after he'd knocked his shot back.

McConaughey also treated Oprah and her viewers to a Spanish lesson and a tour of his Hollywood Hills estate, where he relaxes in a jungle-style outdoor shower and salt water pool, cooks midnight feasts on his state-of-the-art barbecue and buried his beloved chow/labrador mix Ms Hud.

The Mediterranean-style home also houses McConaughey's 78 wind chimes from around the world, his late father's corkscrew collection and old reclining chair and a painting ex-girlfriend Sandra Bullock gave him after they worked together on A Time To Kill.