Interstellar actor Matthew McConaughey is to be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on November 17th, it has been announced. The news was confirmed by the Walk of Fame's Producer and Vice President of Media Relations, Ana Martinez via her Twitter account.

Matthew McConaugheyYou'll soon be able to visit Matthew Mcconaughey's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The honour will round off a year of career highs for McConaughey, who won the Academy Award for Best Actor back in February for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey’s performance in the film also earned him a Screen Actors Guild award as well a Golden Globe.

Last month the 45 year old was also the recipient of the 28th American Cinematheque Award for his contribution to American cinema during his 22 year career.

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But there could be still more awards for McConaughey on the horizon as his latest role in Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic Interstellar has generated considerable Oscar buzz.

In the film McConaughey plays a widowed astronaut who ventures into space and through a wormhole in the hope of finding a new home for humanity.

Watch the trailer for 'Interstellar' here:

While it’s too early to tell wether or not McConaughey will walk away with his second Oscar next year, one person who will certainly appreciate the value of a second statue is the actor’s six year old son Levi.

Speaking on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, the actor said that somehow, Levi knows the value of an Oscar even at his young age.

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McConaughey said his son asked him what the family would do if a tsunami hit Malibu. “I said, 'We'd get our most-prized possessions: We'd get the dogs, the cat, your sister, your little brother, me and mom and we get out of here as quick as possible, just what we really need,” the actor said. "He goes, 'Well, wait a second. We'd get the Oscar too, right?' Good boy!” McConaughey joked.

Matthew McConaughey in InterstellarMcConaughey in Interstellar

The actor also said he’s now beginning to accept that the words "Academy Award winner" often precede his name. Though he did joke that it’s still a pretty long "prequel."