The last 12 months have been somewhat prosperous for Matthew Mcconaughey. He’s starred in some huge films, played brilliant cameos to enthralling leads and overturned a reputation for being a vapid, always-topless romantic comedy actor.

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey in The Dallas Buyers Club

Such is his current hot streak – he can’t seem to get anything wrong on the big or small screens – McConaughey is facing questions on his Oscar chances, following a brilliant turn as Ron Woodruff in the drama, The Dallas Buyers Club – a role the star had to lose almost 50 pounds to play, ruining his sex-life in the process.

The switch in his career hasn’t gone unnoticed in the press, as critics and fans alike start to view the Texas-born actor in a different light. And it’s something McConaughey recognises, but he’s got no regrets about his career so far.

"You get one first chance and I am just telling the same book, different chapter, I switched gears. I said I want to recalibrate what I'm doing in my career right now but I enjoyed what I did before, I've enjoyed the last 22 years, I'm not arrogant enough to boo hoo anything I've done in my career,” he explained.

"I did spend some time with a conscious decision, saying 'you know what I don't really feel like doing some of the roles that are similar to what I have been doing', action adventure, romantic comedies and such. So before I said this is what I want to do, I had to say I don't wanna do that right now". (Yahoo!)

He, alongside Woody Harrelson, has also been brilliant on TV, starring in HBO’s True Detective. His character, Rust Cohle is a brilliantly-scripted, complicated role, giving Matthew the chance to experiment. Harrelson, too, is a perfect foil for his philosophical musings.

"Somewhere in that impasse, which was about a year, year and a half where nothing came in I think in retrospect I think I can say that I gained a little anonymity, I've been in the shadows and I became a fresh idea for people like Steven Soderbergh and those roles found me at that time."