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Let's All Get Some Closure on 'Lost' - Bosses Answer Finale Questions

Evangeline Lilly Matthew Fox Jorge Garcia

Amidst The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Dexter, there was Lost – a worthy entry into the pantheon of box set TV shows, but for entirely different reasons. The premise intrigued fans – a downed plane on a tropical island, with mysterious goings on. But soon the 6-season epic moved into the realms of spirituality, and more than polarized its fan base with its notoriously ambiguous ending.


This has become the stuff of Internet folklore, to the point where people don’t care about spoilers, and will happily mock the ‘it was all a dream’ ending without fully realizing what it actually meant. The trouble is, no one really knew what Lost’s ending meant, until now. Damon LIndelof and Carlton Cuse – the show’s big bosses – finally faced fans following that final episode back in 2010.

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Emperor Review


An attempt to spice up a true story with fictional characters and events leaves this film feeling artificial. And it doesn't help that the two likeable lead actors never quite crack the surface. But this is still a fascinating moment in history, and the film captures a strong sense of the setting as well as the importance of this urgent meeting of two cultures.

It takes place in August 1945, just after Japan surrenders to the Americans. General MacArthur (Jones) is now charged with determining whether Emperor Hirohito (Kataoka) should be tried for war crimes. So he assigns General Fellers (Fox) to define Hirohito's role. Fellers has experience with Japanese culture: he lived there before the war and fell in love with university student Aya (Hatsune). But he never knew what happened to her, so in addition to working with his translator Takahashi (Haneda) to meet with various wartime officials, he also looks for news about Aya.

There's something fishy about this whole Aya business right from the start, as we doubt that such a high-ranking military officer, charged with such a vitally important task, would spend so much time on his own personal search. We also never really care about Fellers' feelings for Aya, so nothing about this plot-thread and its gauzy flashbacks feels realistic. And sure enough, a bit of research reveals that it's complete fiction. The far more interesting relationship here is between Fellers and Takahashi, which is played with intriguing texture by Fox and especially Haneda but is never properly explored on-screen.

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Celebs at BBC Radio 2

Matthew Fox - Celebrities at BBC Radio 2 - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 18th September 2013

Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox

Celebrities outside the ITV studios

Matthew Fox - Matthew Fox outside ITV - London, United Kingdom - Wednesday 18th September 2013

Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox

World War Z Review


Starting as a clever Contagion-style investigative thriller, this fiercely paced apocalyptic adventure begins to fall apart early on when smart logic is jettisoned for the more visceral thrills of seeing Brad Pitt save the planet. Sadly, almost every major plot point makes no sense at all, and by the time the film reaches its corny finale, we can no longer suspend our disbelief. But at least it's packed with exciting set pieces that get our pulses racing.

It's set in the present day, as strange unrest breaks out around the world. And when the marauding hordes of undead arrive in Philadelphia, the Lane family barely escapes with their lives. Gerry (Pitt) is a former UN military officer who gets help from an ex-boss (Mokoena) to evacuate his wife (Enos) and children to the safety of an aircraft carrier off the coast. Then he's put to work on a globe-hopping mission to find the source of the infection, travelling first to ground zero in Korea, then to infection-free Israel and finally to a World Health centre in Wales. Along the way he picks up a sidekick in the form of feisty Israeli commando Segen (Kertesz).

The script is only ever interested in Gerry, so the filmmakers never bother deepening any other characters. There's some nice chemistry between Pitt and Kertesz, but she remains essentially irrelevant. As the film goes along, Pitt assumes the responsibilities of experts, soldiers and scientists, so he can singlehandedly solve the mystery. It's utterly preposterous, especially since he has to miraculously survive frequent zombie attacks that kill everyone else. And we won't speak of a shockingly ill-conceived plane crash, which removes what's left of the plot's credibility.

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Brad Pitt Takes Center-Stage As World War Z Premiere In New York [Pictures]

Brad Pitt Jon Voight Mireille Enos Daniella Kertesz Matthew Fox Adam Lambert

World War Z premiered in New York last night (the London premiere took place on 3rd June). Amongst the stars of the movie were singer Adam Lambert; producers Dede Lambert and David Ellison; actor and film maker Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years A Slave) and child actor Ruby Jerins (Nurse Jackie). Two children who played a role in World War Z, Abigail Hargrove and Fabrizio Zacharee Guido, also attended the premiere. It was a family occasion for Brad Pitt whose father-in-law Jon Voight and his brother-in-law James Haven made an appearance on the red carper.

Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a UN employee who travels the world attempting to end a zombie apocalypse. He delivers, according to Todd McCarthy of the Hollywood Reporter, a 'capable performance'. 

Initial reviews appear to be favourable with the majority of critics claiming that World War Z has 'reinvented the zombie genre'. Others have criticised the movie for being 'bloodless' and dull. 

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World War Z Trailer

Gerry Lane is a government employee whose job takes him on missions he never imagined he would take when a terrifying pandemic sweeps the globe. His idyllic family life with his loving wife and two young daughters is shaken when martial law is thrown into practise as a deadly rampage of bloodthirsty creatures ensues, consuming the entirety of Russia and is on the brink of overpowering the US. Humankind will come to an end in 90 days unless Gerry and other government officials can find a cure for the quickly spreading disease and discover the creatures' weakness. He does his best to fly his family to safety in a helicopter, but nobody is immune and his mission looks almost impossible as hundred foot walls aren't even big enough to keep the undead monsters at bay as they crawl easily across cities like insects. Will humankind unite once and for all to fight the biggest global threat in history?

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'Emperor': Matthew Fox Talks Walking On Egg Shells Around Tommy Lee Jones

Matthew Fox Tommy Lee Jones

'Lost' actor Matthew Fox - who plays a WWII Army Officer in Peter Webber's new movie 'Emperor' - says the cast were walking on egg shells around Tommy Lee Jones during filming. The historical-drama follows Fox's character General Bonner Feller who is tasked with deciding whether Japan's Emperor Hirohito should be hanged as a war criminal.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox - who appears in nearly every scene of the movie - explained how he had been shooting for around eight weeks before Jones turned up to shoot his scenes. "The combination of Tommy's persona, and what he's done as an actor, combined with the fact that he's playing MacArthur, one of our most iconic U.S. military figures, you could feel the energy on the set; people were on eggshells," he said.

Jones has always been infamous for his straight talking rough around the edges persona - something controversial Oscars host Seth MacFarlane played on last month. For Fox, it only added to the role. "I knew it was going to work for us because I think that's probably the way that all the people who worked around MacArthur in 1945 felt," he said.

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World War Z Super Bowl Trailer Hits The Web

Brad Pitt Matthew Fox

Good things come to those who wait, that is unless you're waiting for the new World War Z trailer set to air during Super Bowl sunday because it has already been made available online.

In the new clip of the Brad Pitt-starring apocalyptic action film we begin with Pitt and his on-screen family stuck in a New York City traffic jam (nothing new there then), before all hell breaks loose as the third world war, 'World War Z', gets underway. Not too much is given away in the trailer other than the fact that the film contains zombies, lots and lots of zombies.

As well as the zombies, the film, based on the Max Brooks book of the same name, follows Pitt's character, a UN worker, as he travels back and forth across the globe in a bid to stop the deadly outbreak of zombie-itus. Matthew Fox, David Morse, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale also star, whilst Marc Forster takes care of the directing duties.

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World War Z Super Bowl Trailer Goes Viral (Video)

Brad Pitt Matthew Fox David Morse Mireille Enos James Badge Dale

If you weren't already looking forward to the upcoming Brad Pitt film, World War Z, then the Super Bowl teaser trailer may be enough to change your mind. And what if you're not into American football? Good news because it has gone viral a day early!

As are the perks of living in the internet age, things tend to emerge a little earlier than initially promised and the newest sneak peak into the much-anticipated zombie flick is just the latest example of this rule. In it, we begin with a rather serene look at the everyday occurrence that is a New York City traffic jam, and then all hell breaks loose as the zombie apocalypse takes hold. There's guns, plummeting population numbers and barely any close glimpse of the zombies, but plenty of shoots of the mass scale of the undead now dominating the Earth.

With Marc Forster attached as director, Matthew Fox, David Morse, Mireille Enos and James Badge Dale take up the rest of the lead roles for the film, which is unleashed in cinemas on June 21. The film sees Pitt star as Gerry Lane, a UN employee called upon as society falls apart and he begins his race against time to help prevent the zombie menace overtaking the globe before human civilization collapses completely. 

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Emperor Trailer

Following the catastrophic events of World War II which led to the Japanese forces' surrender, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers General Douglas MacArthur charged his Japan expert protégé Bonner Fellers with the task of making the hugely significant decision of whether or not Japanese emperor Hirohito should be tried and executed as a war criminal for the part he played on behalf of his government over the war period. However, his choices are deeply affected by his love for exchange student Aya who he met in the States years previously and subsequently searches for when he reaches Japan. With her beside him, he finds himself developing the insight and wisdom enough to give him the strength to make the major verdict.

This heart-wrenching war film is based on the true events following the surrender of Japan in 1945. Directed by Peter Webber ('Girl with a Pearl Earring', 'Hannibal Rising') and written by Vera Blasi ('Tortilla Soup', 'Woman on Top') and David Klass ('Kiss the Girls', 'Desperate Measures'), 'Emperor' is the mind-blowing story of justice and morality and the role that love serves in making choices about each. It debuted at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and will be release in the US on March 8th 2013.

Director: Peter Webber

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World War Z Trailer

Gerry Lane is a United Nations employee with a family life anyone would wish for. When he, his wife Karen and his two daughters venture out for the day, not even the deadlocked city traffic can spoil their contentment with each other's company. However, when screaming starts to become heard in the distance and explosions are going off left, right and center, it begins to look like this won't be a regular family day out. Gerry does his best with his knowledge and his contacts to protect his family and fly them by helicopter to a safe location on the ocean as hoards and hoards of the raging, flesh-eating undead take over the city, filling up every street and every square. He is enlisted by the government to help find the cause of this outbreak, which is spreading rapidly across the world, wipe it out and salvage what's left of their beloved planet. 


'World War Z' has been adapted from the novel 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War' by Max Brooks; a sequel to his book 'The Zombie Survival Guide'. Directed by Marc Forster and written by Damon Lindelof and Matthew Michael Carnahan, this dystopian zombie movie is by far one of the most horrific and deadly zombie movies to ever be released in Hollywood and will hit UK screens on June 21st 2013.

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Paranormal Activity 4 Underperforms But Still Tops Box Office

Matthew Fox

There's been some paranormal activity this weekend in the U.S Box office. Most notably: the fourth incarnation of the found footage horror film performed well below industry expectations, but still usurped Taken 2 at the top of the charts.

A $30.2 million opening posted by the latest in the Paranormal Activity franchise was roughly $10 to $20 million lower than industry analysts expected, but still enough to it put at No.1. The popular scream-fest was also dominant outside North America too, as it edged out Taken 2 thanks to a $26.5m weekend debut in 22 countries, which contributed to a $56.7m worldwide opening weekend. The success just goes to show that fans of the genre don't pay much attention to reviews, and Paranormal Activity 4 has had a truly awful critical response, amassing the unimpressive score of 27% on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes. New York Magazine, in particular, weren't fans: "We're still seeing things through handheld devices and built-in laptop cameras, even though nobody seems interested in looking at the footage the cameras were supposedly recording," they said.

Ben Affleck's on and off camera performance in Argo netted the second spot, with a healthy $43.2m. Taken 2 slipped down to 4th, with Hotel Transylvania gleaning a domestic $13.5m. Alex Cross, starring Lost's Matthew Fox makes up the top 5 with a poor $11.8m on its opening weekend, according to The Guardian

Matthew Fox Of Lost Sheds Good Guy Act

Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox - most famous for his excellent role as Jack Shepherd in sci-fi drama Lost - is relishing the prospect of a more sinister role in Alex Cross, reports The Toronto Sun.

Fox plays a crazed serial killer named Picasso in Alex Cross, which is a far cry from the life-saving, father issue-ridden natural leader of a surgeon he played in Lost. But he's looking forward to the challenge. "The first time Rob and I talked, he kind of described the guy to me, and the first guy that popped into my head was Ted Bundy - because Ted just looked like the last person on Earth that would be a serial killer. He just looked sort of dashing and prototypically handsome and charming," he said, according to the Toronto Sun. Fox has a shaved head in the series, as he does in the upcoming zombie flick, World War Z, alongside Brad Pitt. In this film, he plays a haunted Navy SEAL veteran trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Lost is thought by many to be the best show on television, and was actually voted by IGN to be #1, but with so many people disappointed with the confusing ending, Fox might well be looking for the role that might yet define his career.

Hot Tickets! This Weekend's Movie Releases: The Sessions, Paranormal Activity 4, Alex Cross

Helen Hunt John Hawkes William H Macy Tyler Perry Matthew Fox Carmen Ejogo

We’re entering something of a pre-Christmas lull in the land of the blockbuster movie but there is still plenty of activity in the land of cinema this weekend… and not all of it is paranormal.

The film that everyone is talking about this week is The Sessions. The movie – starring Helen Hunt, John Hawkes and William H Macy - debuted at the Sundance Festival earlier this year and wowed the critics with its “profoundly sex-positive” story. The Sessions tells the tale of a man, paralysed by polio, who seeks the help of a priest and eventually a sex therapist, to help him lose his virginity. The performances are touching, the script (based on the writings of California-based journalist Mark O’Brien) is tender and funny. If critical opinion is anything to go by, The Sessions should be heading towards the top of the box office chart.

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