Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat and its main star Matt Smith have been bigging up the forthcoming series ahead of the debut airing of its first episode on March 30th on BBC 1.

Moffat has promised a more action-packed Who than ever, with tips of the hat to the likes of James Bond expected in the first episode, set in London. "We thought let's do it as a proper London thriller, as close as you can get – given that Doctor Who is mad – to James Bond," said Steven Moffat at a special screening of the episode, according to The Guardian. "The Doctor can never be Bond or Bourne – but if he tried it might look a bit like this."

Following his lead, the ever enthusiastic Matt Smith commented "We've got a submarine, we've got the ice warriors, we've got the Cybermen back in new guise. We've got Neil Gaiman writing a script, and we've got Diana Rigg playing an old hag – but brilliantly, with great charm and sexiness and grace." The new Who also sees the official debut of Clara – played by Jenna-Louise Coleman – though she’s appeared in various incarnations over the previous series. "I suppose this is take three and this is the Clara that we'll be with for the next episodes," said Coleman. "But with all of the Claras there's kind of an essence that's the same throughout." Smith added "Having got his grieving … out of the way, I think [Clara] has re-ignited his curiosity in the universe and given him his mojo back."

Jenna Louise-Coleman

Jenna-Louise Coleman will be joining the Doctor for the new series