Audiences might love or hate the new Doctor, after Matt Smith steps down from Doctor Who this Christmas, but the actor himself apparently loves his replacement. According to The Mirror, Smith sat down with the as-of-yet-unknown actor, codenamed Houdini and had a chat about playing the iconic character and handling the pressures of fame.

Matt Smith, Comic-Con 2013
Smith reportedly loves his successor.

According to some reports, the new actor had been cast sometime ago. It was only recently however that Smith managed to sit down with his replacement. The current DW actor shared some wisdom with his successor, suggesting that the new actor is someone of lesser fame than Smith himself. This isn’t too difficult to imagine of course, with Matt Smith having achieved international acclaim for his performance as the 11th Doctor.

Matt Smith, 2013 Peabody Awards
He even had some words of wisdom to share.

Meanwhile, as Whovians the world over continue to speculate over the new Doctor’s identity, the BBC is taking extra special precautions to ensure that the beans don’t get spilled ahead of time. Besides using a codeword for the actor’s name, which is on a strictly need-to-know basis, even the fact that the big reveal was set for this Sunday was kept under wraps until recently – with the half hour special being billed as an episode of Celebrity Mastermind instead. Now, there are rumors that on the night, the actor will be smuggled into the studio under a disguise. The rumors that he will be transported inside a Darlek seem a bit exaggerated, but still, if you happen to see one of the Doctor’s iconic enemies prowling the streets of London tonight, getting close might not be such a bad idea for once.

Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, Doctor Who Filming
As for the TARDIS' new occupant, s/he may or may not be smuggled inside a Dalek tonight.