As it is, Ray's (Robert Patrick) video store isn't doing so hot (maybe locating it in the desert isn't the best idea...), but when he stops to pick up a hitchhiking Harley (Jennifer Esposito) -- fresh out of prison -- his life gets even crazier. Harley, it seems, has a couple million illicit dollars stashed in a safe deposit box, and maybe she'll take Ray along to get it out, promising him half. But what's the story with Colm Meaney's mobster on her trail? And Harley's old partner -- where'd he go?

While there's a fair amount of confusion in Backflash (a title which really means nothing but which I guess someone thought sounded cool), the twists are fairly garden variety and can be spotted coming from a mile away. Ray is a patsy in this whole thing? Well of course he is, just as sure as he'll find a way out of it. Or is Ray really running the show?

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