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Silent Predators Review

Stop me if you've heard this one before: otherwise docile creature goes nuts and marauds its way across a small town. Local law enforcement figures out how to fight the beasts, successfully saving the townsfolk and falling in love along the way.

From sharks to ants to piranha, what animal hasn't been put on the "man-eater" list? In Silent Predators, it's the humble snake -- which you'll know right off because there's a big picture of a snake on the cover of the video! Yikes! As the box says, "The hunt is on. You're the prey." Probably won't get any sleep after this one!

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Requiem For Murder Review

What's that smell? Good lord, it's this Molly Ringwald vehicle, wherein the long-faded star plays a classical radio station DJ(!) with an obsessed fan.

How obsessed? Well, he's killing off anyone who may have even the slightest negative thing to say about her. His M.O.: Poison, placed in a rare red wine. And he always leaves Molly's radio show playing on the radio when he does his deeds. And from this ultimately sketchy bit of police work, the cops' "hunch" leads them to the radio station to protect poor little Molly, who is obviously somehow involved in all this.

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See Arnold Run Review

Originally made for A&E television, this is a visualization of the early career and later political leanings of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was at the center of California's unprecedented and unbearably tacky 2003 Governer recall election.

Say what you will about the movie itself: The casting is either inspired or excruciating or both. Jürgen Prochnow as the older Schwarzenegger. Mariel Hemingway as Maria Shriver, and Nora Dunn as Ariana Huffington. Wow. Prochnow alone is terrifying: He doesn't really look much like Arnold (and he's about 120 pounds light), but they've done his hair up to make him look like a bizarro approximation of him. Hemingway and Dunn are equally disturbing: Hemingway lowers her voice an octave to play Shriver. Dunn sounds like she's been listening to Huffington on the radio for an hour, and this is her best approximation. I was disappointed that the producers didn't pull out a little guy to play Gary Coleman (who also ran for Governor) or get porn star Mary Carey to play herself.

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