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Dillon Influenced By Buddhism

29th August 2005

CRASH star MATT DILLON has created his own tailor-made religion by mixing his Catholic heritage with his new admiration for Buddhist beliefs. The 41-year-old actor spent time filming his directorial debut CITY OF GHOSTS...

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Dillon Has No Regrets Over Turning Down 'Silly' Blue Lagoon

28th August 2005

Hollywood actor MATT DILLON has no regrets over turning down the lead role in the 1980 movie THE BLUE LAGOON, because he thought the finished product was "silly". The 41-year-old actor was making a...

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Dillon Happy His Fame Not On Cruise Level

26th August 2005

MATT DILLON is relieved his fame never reached the superstardom levels of his THE OUTSIDERS co-star TOM CRUISE. The brooding actor, 41, was more famous than Cruise when they were both cast in the...

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Terrence Howard 'Most Valuable Player Of The Summer'

22nd August 2005

TERRENCE HOWARD has beat out a host of Hollywood stars to be named the Most Valuable Player of the Summer. With critically-acclaimed turns in CRASH and HUSTLE + FLOW, as well as supporting role...

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New Yorker Dillon Snubs La

11th August 2005

WILD THINGS star MATT DILLON adores the grit of New York City over the glitz of Los Angeles - especially because people in the Big Apple are much more open to others than in insular...

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Dillon Slams Fame-hungry Starlets

10th August 2005

WILD THINGS star MATT DILLON is horrified by the number of fame-hungry people there are in the world, as he refuses to be motivated by the lure of further acclaim. The screen hunk pities...

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Dillon Dreaming Of Long-term Love

10th August 2005

WILD THINGS star MATT DILLON is desperate to find the right woman to spend the rest of his life with, despite his longstanding reputation as a sex-mad lothario. The romantic hunk, who dated CAMERON...

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Newton Ran Off In Tears At Prospect Of Rape Scene

5th August 2005

Hollywood beauty THANDIE NEWTON was left an emotional wreck when she arrived on the set of CRASH for the first time, because the controversial director immediately asked her if she was wearing any protected underwear....

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Dillon: 'I Believe In Love At First Sight'

11th July 2005

WILD THINGS star MATT DILLON believes in love at first sight, because it has happened to him "three or four times". The romantic hunk, who fell for his THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY co-star CAMERON...

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Dillon Happy To Make A Kids Film

28th June 2005

MATT DILLON is thrilled about his role in new kids movie HERBIE: FULLY LOADED - he has finally made a movie his young relatives can watch. The actor's back catalogue includes the sexually explicit...

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Dillon Hopes He'll Land More Comedy Roles

23rd June 2005

WILD THINGS star MATT DILLON is hoping his appearance in LINDSAY LOHAN's movie HERBIE: FULLY LOADED will lead to film bosses casting him in more comedies. While Dillon has had the opportunity to make...

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Kevin Dillon Engaged

15th June 2005

Actor KEVIN DILLON has announced that he and his model-actress girlfriend JANE STUART are engaged. Dillon, 39, and 27-year-old Stuart, who began dating last year (04) after meeting through a mutual friend, have yet...

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Coppola To Release Extended Cut Of The Outsiders

15th June 2005

Acclaimed film-maker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is set to re-release his movie THE OUTSIDERS - 22 years after its debut. The director has recut the 1983 film, adding 22 minutes in an effort to be...

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Dillon Put Off Yoga By Hairy Hippie

19th May 2005

Movie star MATT DILLON has given up on finding romance in a yoga class after discovering many devotees are too hairy for him. The WILD THINGS star checked out a yoga session recently after...

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Dillon Clears Up Damon Helicopter Story

7th May 2005

LATEST: Actor MATT DILLON has declared that he was the one who was fearing for his life as his helicopter plummeted - not MATT DAMON, as was recently reported. Reports had emerged that THE...

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Depp Tops Signers List

1st May 2005

JOHNNY DEPP is Hollywood's top signer and BRITNEY SPEARS the worst, according to a new annual list provided by America's AUTOGRAPH COLLECTOR magazine. Editor STEVE CYRKIN (corr) insists Depp is a top signer because...

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Bacon And Dillon Shower Scene Was Scrapped

21st February 2005

A steamy shower scene featuring KEVIN BACON and MATT DILLON in the 1998 film WILD THINGS was scrapped because financiers feared it would upset audiences. The final scene gained notoriety for Bacon's full-frontal exposure...

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Dillon Dates Apprentice Contestant

15th February 2005

Hollywood star MATT DILLON is secretly dating one of the stars of the new series of reality TV show THE APPRENTICE. Sexy senior government manager TARA DOWDELL, 28, has been reportedly dating the TO...

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Timberlake's Fidelity Questioned Again

1st October 2004

Showbiz couple CAMERON DIAZ and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's relationship has been put under scrutiny again, following an American newspaper's claims the pop star is cheating on the stunning blonde. The CHARLIE'S ANGELS beauty broke up...

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Diesel Spotted With Hawke And Dillon's Ex

29th August 2004

XXX star VIN DIESEL has ignited a romance with the woman once linked to ETHAN HAWKE and MATT DILLON. The muscle-bound actor, 37, has been spotted stepping out with model and singer ELISA SHORES,...

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Dillon To Appear In Film About Thinking Car

6th August 2004

American actor MATT DILLON has been cast as a dashing driver in a new film based on the HERBIE series. The 40-year-old will reportedly star alongside MICHAEL KEATON and LINDSAY LOHAN in HERBIE:...

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Swayze's No Fan Of Cool Dillon

15th June 2004

MATT DILLON failed to impress his co-star PATRICK SWAYZE on the set of THE OUTSIDERS - because he was "too cool". Swayze lived with Dillon and co-stars TOM CRUISE, ROB LOWE and EMILIO ESTEVEZ...

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Campbell's Wild Thing Compliments

19th May 2004

NEVE CAMPBELL only gets compliments from male fans for one film she's made - because it features her in a threesome sex scene. THE COMPANY actress finds her male devotees always approach her to...

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Neve Campbell In Lesbian Scene, Again

21st January 2004

Actress NEVE CAMPBELL is set to thrill fans with a raunchy lesbian sex scene, again. The 30-year-old has filmed a graphic sequence in forthcoming JAMES TOBACK movie WHEN WILL I BE LOVED? Toback...

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Clint Inspires Bacon To Direct

5th January 2004

CLINT EASTWOOD has inspired KEVIN BACON to step back behind the camera and direct. The FOOTLOOSE star hasn't directed a film since LOSING CHASE in 1996, but he admits working with Eastwood on the...

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Stars Line Up For Strummer Video Farewell

19th November 2003

JOE STRUMMER's pals MATT DILLON and director JIM JARMUSCH appear in what will be the punk icon's final video release. The pair are among the stars who appear in THE MESCALEROS' final promo to...

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Liotta Gets Control

29th August 2003

RAY LIOTTA has taken MATT DILLON's role in CONTROL, a thriller directed by TIM HUNTER. Liotta will play a violent sociopath who becomes involved in a medical experiment that exposes his past....

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Dillon's A Happy Bachelor

18th July 2003

Movie stalwart MATT DILLON insists he never wants to get married - because he's witnessed several relationships which have turned ugly. The THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY star is a firm believer that a successful...

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Dillon Sacrifices Goats

5th May 2003

Movie hunk MATT DILLON was forced to sacrifice a family of goats on the set of his directorial debut CITY OF GHOSTS - to save his cast and crew from a hungry tiger. The...

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Dillon's Love Of Sarongs Annoys Caan

29th April 2003

Actor MATT DILLON picked up a new fashion habit which upset his co-stars when he was filming his new movie CITY OF GHOSTS in Cambodia - wearing sarongs. The Hollywood screen hunk says he...

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