Matt Damon has had his revenge on Jimmy Kimmel and it has been sweet (for the audience at least). Last Tuesday, the best and funniest fake feud in Hollywood reached a resolution of sorts, when the actor/director/unexpectedly funny guy took over JKL and took his revenge on Kimmel for all those years of being snubbed as a guest.

The show was honestly hilarious, with Damon wreaking mock havoc in the JKL studio, while the helpless host watched, tied to a chair in the back of the set. Naturally, sans Kimmel, the show needed a new name, and Damon kindly renamed it to Jimmy Kimmel Sucks (mature choice there), before going into a rantish monologue, full of jabs at Jimmy (such as: ample dialogue: “I am Luke Skywalker and Kimmel is the Death Star -- big and round and easily destroyed through his garbage hole”)

Afterwards, some changes to the cast had to be made, including replacing key performers like bandleader Cleto and sidekick Guillermo with the likes of Cheryl Crowe and Andy Garcia) Overall, the script was great, the dialogue was quip-y and Matt Damon looked equally adept at playing the demented villain, as he was at being a quirky comedian. Sorry Jimmy, but we can’t help loving Damon after a hosting debut like that one. You can see an excerpt from the show below.