Promised Land, written by Matt Damon and the American Office's Adam Krasinski, has received some seriously mixed reviews and some hefty criticism from America's frackers and the fuel industry that's indebted to the practice.

If you didn't know already, fracking is the act of drilling into the ground using water to get out oil and natural gasses to be used as fuels. The film portrays a fairly corrupt industry, which of course, is much to the distaste of frackers and fuel companies alike. However, some people think the film is a great step. "It's a very good way to introduce fracking to all of America, because it will not be too much, too soon," Rebecca Roter, who is fighting local drilling and pipeline construction, said in an interview, reported by FuelFix. "It captures the costs of this industry." 

Robert Hanger was the top environmental regulator in Pennsylvania, according to him "The oil and gas industry is at the bottom in terms of public respect, and this movie is not going to help it... It describes the oil and gas industry as fundamentally dishonest, and willing to do anything to win." He describes himself as a realist and while understanding the negatives of the fracking process he also acknowledges that there are many positives to it. "This movie could have challenged everybody, and forced everyone to face questions," but he doesn't feel it did.