There's a drove of handsome film-stars, who once starred as the joker, hunk or hero in the late 90's/early 00's, taking on serious political themes in their films (see Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio's filmography if you need proof).

Matt Damon's political leanings have never been a secret, and he's taking on the subject of Fracking in his new film, Promised Land. Fracking, or the hydraulic fracturing drilling technique, has caused debate over drinking water, U.S. energy use, seismic activity and other areas.

Damon plays a salesman, confronted by an environmentalist in the rural town he attempts to plunder. He doesn't, however, force his opinions of the controversial subject on the viewers. "The point is that the movie should start a conversation. It's certainly not a pro-fracking movie, but we didn't want to tell people what to think," Damon said.

"It wasn't that we said we wanted to make a movie about 'fracking' as much as we wanted to make a movie about American identity, about real people. We wanted to make a movie about the country today, where we came from, where we are and where we are headed," he added.

"'Fracking' was perfect because the stakes are so incredibly high and people are so divided. It asks all the questions about short-term thinking versus long-term thinking."