Matt Damon is finally getting ready for his directorial debut. According to Variety, Matt Damon has joined forces with 'The Office' star John Krasinski to co-write an untitled script that Damon will also helm.

Whilst the project currently has no title, it is known that it will be a mid-budget drama about a salesman who re-evaluates his life after moving to a small town. Damon will play the salesman, whilst Krasinki's role is yet to be announced. The film, which will be produced by Chris Moore, is for Warner Bros, even though they are yet to green light the project, and will be set up by Krasinski's 'Sunday Night Productions' company. The idea was initially set up by Krasinski and author DAVE EGGERS before Damon became involved. Plans are for the film to begin shooting on the East Coast in the near future. Sources have told Variety that the picture will be budgeted at £12 million, whilst a script is attempting to be finished by next month. However it's not the first time Matt Damon has worked off-screen. After penning and starring in Miramax's 'Good Will Hunting', he won an Oscar for its original screenplay.

John Krasinski is currently still starring in NBC's 'The Office', whilst Matt Damon is currently filming alongside Jodie Foster for 'Elysium', set for release next year. Matt Damon stars with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet in sci-fi thriller 'Contagion', which opens in cinemas today (21st Oct 2011) across the UK.