Matt Damon isn't afraid of ageing.

The actor - who recently turned 40 - says he doesn't mind getting older, because actors he "admires", including Clint Eastwood, have made ageing "look pretty appealing" to him.

The 'Hereafter' star explained: "Clint makes the other side of the hill look pretty appealing. I was doing an interview for 'Invictus' a year ago with Morgan Freeman and when somebody mentioned I was going to be 40, Morgan said that I was coming into the best two decades of my life.

"So to see guys that I really admire say that - and as vigorous as those guys are - it wasn't a big traumatic thing. Maybe I'm gonna freak out or something, but it hasn't happened yet."

Clint, 80, directed Matt's latest film 'Hereafter', in which he plays a psychic who sees dead people.

The Hollywood hunk said he was so happy to work with the veteran he would have agreed to do any film with him.

He said: "I hope this is the second of 10 movies with Clint. I was really happy he called. He didn't even have to give me such a wonderful script. He could have called with anything really and I would gave done it."