Matt Damon lied to TV producers about his ice skating skills in order to land his first professional acting job, and found himself in trouble when he fell over and knocked himself unconscious.
The Hollywood actor was just a youngster when he was hired to perform an ice skating routine for a local TV station in Boston, Massachusetts.
However, Damon didn't tell the truth about his skills and was left nursing some painful injuries after his lie was exposed.
He tells the Boston Herald, "My first professional acting job was for Wcvb-TV (Boston's Channel 5). (Retired weatherman) DICk Albert had a show called, 'Use Your Smarts,' and I did a vignette where I played a young Michael J. Fox - and I had to ice skate. I fell and knocked myself out. So my first job ever I actually cost the production money because I lied in my audition and couldn't skate."