Neill Blomkamp's follow-up his Oscar nominated sci-fi District 9 had garnered strong reviews stateside. Elysium followed Matt Damon's character Max, who attempts to reach a wealthy man-made space station inhabited only by the privileged as an overpopulated Earth follows into chaos.

Matt DamonMatt Damon Plays Max In 'Elysium'

Great idea for a sci-fi movie, huh? The American critics thought so too and it reached a score in the high 60s, early 70s on Rotten Tomatoes. One of the most positive reviews came from Ben Sachs of The Chicago Tribune who said Elysium "turns the genre on its head, critiquing military might and voicing sympathy for the disenfranchised."

Set in 2154, the movie sees Max take on a dangerous mission that pits him against Elysium's Secretary Delacourt, played by Jodie Foster, and her hard-live forces. It's certainly a thrilling way to spend a couple of hours - and our very own Rich Cline gave the movie a positive review - though other UK critics weren't convinced.

"You don't know where to look next, or to listen, in this movie. Every actor seems to have come from a different rehearsal room," said Nigel Andrews of the Financial Times.

Matt Damon ElysiumMatt Damon Attempts To Reach 'Elysium' in Blomkamp's New Movie

"Once the narrative grinds into gear ... the film's distinctive quality is lost," said Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian.

"Visually stunning and with flashes of inspired genius, Elysium shows promise but is let down by an uneven structure, weak characterisation and an over-reliance on extended fight scenes," said Neil Alcock of Film4.

Elysium hits cinemas in the UK from today (August 23, 2013).

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