Actor Matt Damon is considering uprooting his family from their New York home to head back to Los Angeles so his four children can grow up surrounded by other friends' kids their age.

The Bourne Identity star and his wife Luciana moved out of Hollywood in 2009 and set up a base in the Big Apple, but he admits he's starting to rethink their future because he would love his daughters to have regular play dates with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's young brood in California.

He tells U.S. breakfast show Today, "Basically all of our friends with little kids are out there (in L.A.)... I don't know. Look, we're a little conflicted; we love it here (in New York), we'll always be here, and New York will always be here, so I'll do a little job out there and then maybe we'll return...

"It's hard to leave here but we love it out there too. I think we'll be happy as long as the family is together..."

However, Damon predicts any move to L.A. won't be forever: "I'll probably be back in a couple of months."