The latest trailer for the Matt Damon and JODIE FOSTER-staring Elysium gives viewers a very healthy dose of action-packed excitement and a glimpse at a film that could be a potential hit among critics and audiences alike.

The first trailer didn't offer too much to audiences other than a quick glance at the story and some slow-motion action scenes with mecha-Damon, but the new glimpse is full minute longer and gives us a much more in-depth look at Damon's character and the everyday torment of those poor souls still left to fight for survival on Earth's surface. We get an even more in-depth look at the uber-shiny surface on Elysium and kind out how much of a total bitch Foster's character is too. It even shows off some rather humorous parts too, so the film wont all be serious, sci-fi preachiness.

From District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, Elysium is a future-set tale of class division where the rich live on a poverty and disease-free utopia orbiting Earth while the rest of planet's population are forced to live in squalor on the disease and crime-ridden, surface of the third rock from the Sun. It sees Damon's Max Da Costa try to bring the establishment down a peg as he attempts a daring solo-mission to the orbiting utopia in order to retrieve some of the medical supplies so readily available to the upper echelons on society and bring them to the needed people living below the stratosphere.

Watch the first Elysium trailer:

Elysium reaches cinemas on September 20 2013.