Elysium finished the weekend as the highest earning picture at the US box office, making Sony Pictures a cool $30.5 million over the last few days, a number that is encouraging for the film, if a little below the expectations of it's financial backers. Beating off fellow newcomer We're The Millers and family films Planes and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the film didn't quite match director Neill Blomkamp's breakout hit District 9 in terms of opening weekend takings, but it still managed to perform admirably in a crowded market.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon stars in the sci-fi Elysium

Released to mixed reviews, the post-apocalyptic thriller see's Matt Damon face off against an oppressive, aristocratic ruling class as he attempts to make the Earth of 2154 a better place for everyone to live in. Sony's president of worldwide distribution, Rory Bruer, said of the film in a statement quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, "To hit the $30 million mark is very good considering the competitive landscape and all these new movies coming in. We love being in the Neill Blomkamp business. He's a great storyteller, and this film will be a big success for the studio."

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Sony's other big film out at the moment, Smurfs 2, performed well in the global markets, coming second behind Elysium in terms of worldwide ticket sales, however the film made most of it's money overseas as it struggled to compete with Pixar's Planes in the weekend box office. Taking only $9.5 million domestically, the sequel came in sixth overall, whilst Planes came in third over the weekend, earning $22.5 million from US ticket sales; not bad for a film with a $50 million budget that was initially intended to be released straight on DVD.

Fellow family film Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters performed weakly, earning only $14.6 million over the weekend and a measly $23.5 mill. since it's Wednesday release.

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The R-rated comedy We're The Millers, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudekis, finished off the top five coming in at number two. Grossing $26.6 million over the weekend, the film has so far grossed $38 mill. since it's Wednesday release.

Jennifer Aniston Jason Sudekis
Jennifer Aniston & Jason Sudekis star in the new comedy