Actor Matt Damon was left red-faced after agreeing to take part in a charity radio phone-in - when SIR Sean Connery also decided to call. The Good Will Hunting star was monitoring a Florida radio show's drive to donate $10,000 (GBP5,000) to the most famous caller's children's charity of choice, and thought he stood a good chance when the biggest name to phone in was Burt Reynolds' ex-wife and actress Loni Anderson. So he picked up the phone only to discover the caller after him was movie superstar Connery. Damon recalls, "I was on the fence (about it). But I was listening to it (the radio show) while driving my step-daughter to school every day, and the most famous person they had was Loni Anderson. So I thought I might have a shot at this thing. "I weighed my options and, with 10 minutes to go before the deadline, I called the people and said I'd make the call. So I called them (the radio station) up and did the interview for five minutes... But it turned out that with about a minute to go on the deadline Sean Connery had called."