Movie star Matt Damon hopes he never has to lose weight for a movie part - because he hates being the most fussy eater in a restaurant.

The actor, who drastically lost weight to play parts in THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY and Courage Under Fire and buffed up for The Bourne Identity, admits it's no fun losing weight for a film role.

He says, "It's just really hard work. The reality is celebrities are sometimes afforded the privilege of doing nothing but losing weight.

"I've lost tremendous amounts of weight in my life and there's just no secret. I did it before the days of getting a nutritionist and a chef - you just got to run 13 miles a day with six and a half in the morning and six and a half at night.

"You can never take a day off and, for four months, you eat nothing but chicken and egg whites and broccoli and no butter anywhere.

"If you go out to eat you have to have a conversation with the waiter and say, 'I'm gonna be your worst nightmare. I'm gonna send the food back if I taste oil on it and I will taste the oil on it.' You got to be that guy."