Matt Damon is determined to step behind the camera one day - because he's learned from the best directors in Hollywood.
The actor has starred in dozens of box office smash movies during his 12-year long career and has been guided by top directors including Martin Scorsese and Steven Soderbergh.
Damon has secretly been picking up tips from the moviemakers - because one day he would love to direct a film.
He says, "I can't wait to direct. I choose my movies based on the director and so I've been treating the last 12 years like a film school.
"All the directors I've worked with have been very tolerant of my questions. The next step is for me to try it myself."
But Damon is putting off a directorial career for now - so he can learn more tricks of the trade.
He adds, "I'm not in a rush. The jobs that I'm getting not only are really exciting for me as an actor but I'm still working with people that I have a great deal to learn from."